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Why Choose Our Tree Removal Contractors in Southbury, CT

The Best Tree Removal Contractors in Southbury.


With years of experience in the tree service industry you can count on our tree removal contractors in Southbury to provide you with top quality work and expert cleanup. You never know what your going to get with another tree service that isn't as knowledgeable or well equipped as Southbury Tree Care and Removal.

Locally Owned

At Southbury Tree Care and Removal, we are proud to say we are locally run and operated and work right here in Southbury, CT. We have a strong sense of community and will continue to go above an beyond what a conglomerate tree service company will provide. Ready to get started with your free quote?

24/7 Tree Removal

Emergency's are not taken lightly at Southbury Tree Care and Removal. Trees can be dangerous situation before or after a storm. Whatever the challenge let us help you out with immediate local service. With 24/7 hours of operation, our tree removal contractors in Southbury are ready for anything.

Environmentally Friendly

Pest control can often times be the source of harmful chemicals being applied to your property to clean up the pests. However we take a different approach and use environmentally friendly ways to dispose of those pests instead. Interested in learning more about our environmentally friendly techniques? Get in touch today!

Competitive Pricing

Southbury Tree Care and Removal understands that tree removal can be quite a setback for a homeowner. This is why we provide the absolute lowest price around for the job. sometimes an entire tree does not need to be cut down if it is not in jeopardy of hitting any structures or other trees and we can just trim the braces that are at risk of hitting a structure

Service Variety

We provide a wide variety of service for all your horticultural needs. Our tree removal contractors in Southbury offer many other unique tree services besides the services listed to the local area. If there is any other services that you are looking for specifically, chances are we can accomodate you. Just fill out our contact form and let us know how we can help.
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