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Expert Pest Control in Southbury

Suffering from a pest issue on your property or within your trees is an issue that can go much farther than your greenery. With potential risk to your home, surrounding neighbor’s trees and otherwise, getting an effective assessment and eventual treatment will be the best possible course of action. When looking to Southbury Tree Care and Removal for your pest management service needs, you can depend on years of experience in the business, and the knowledge of how to properly treat pest control on your property.

From the ever-present worry of ash borer beetles calling your tree home, to invasions of caterpillars, we know how to treat your pest issues. The combination of tree care knowledge with pest control professionals brings you the capability to handle your Insect infestation with ease. We use only the highest quality pest control products on the market to ensure that you get the results you need, without having to worry about any other extended hazards. Meaning that your property stays safe, providing a space you can feel comfortable about having your pets and loved ones enjoying during the pest management process.
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Why You Need Tree Pest Control in Southbury, CT

Emerald ash borers are one of the most dreaded forms of invading species, as they not only target your trees, but all others around it. One simple way in which to prevent being targeted by this destructive bug is by ensuring that you don’t have the ash trees they desire. A proper inspection of the trees on your property will give you the key information you need. If an ash borer outbreak has expanded in your neighborhood, ensuring that you remove their food supply by removing the tree from the property will be the best possible means of combating this potential issue.

We all have herd about termites and know the love that these pests have for wood of all forms, and this can cause issue not only for your trees, but also for any other wooden structure on your property, such as a swing set, wooden fence, tool shed or most importantly your home. If you feel that your property may be infested with termites, then getting the proper inspection done will be the first key step. Our experts know what to look out for when it comes to a termite takeover, and how to properly deliver the pest control services you need. Dealing with termite mounds, and invasion to your trees is all a part of our thorough services.

Not all types of caterpillars can prove hazardous to your trees, at least in small numbers. When you have a tree that has invited hundreds, or thousands of these ravenous larvae, then getting the right pest control will prove vital. In order to protect your trees canopy, and to ensure that you still have some leaves left at the end of your growing season, getting the right treatment quickly can prove important. If your property has become home to more caterpillars than safe for your trees, you can depend on Southbury Tree Care to provide you with effective removal resources.
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The Result of Tree Pest Control

They say that knowing is half the battle, and when it comes to potential pest issues, understanding both the invader in question, and the species of tree being targeted is important. If you feel that your property trees are being selected for an unwanted invasion, then calling in the professionals at Southbury Tree Care is the right first step. We bring you the experienced pest management team you need to properly evaluate your trees, understand the invading species, and bring you the options you need when it comes to removal. The right plan makes all the difference.

The pest control plans we formulate to bring results to your property will be dependent on the type of species of tree, and pest we’re dealing with. At Southbury Tree Care, we tailor your treatment to your needs. In order to ensure we bring the best possible results. No matter the type of invasive species you have targeting your trees, you can depend on Southbury tree care to bring you a specially formulated plan of attack. We have brought quality pest control to Southbury and the surrounding areas for many years.
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Local Leaders & Southbury's Top Rated Pest Control Company

Southbury Tree Care is the areas leader in advanced green tree services. This includes a wide variety of services that target only pest issues within your property, will keeping the surrounding area safe. We understand that the only target on your mind when it comes to pest control management is the pests themselves, and we bring effective, precise treatment. We aim to keep your pets, family, and other greenery safe with environmentally friendly options.No matter the issue you’re facing when it comes to property pests, you can depend on our pest control and tree company for thorough and knowledgeable pest treatment.

When dealing with an issue such as pest invasions, the speed in which the issue is determined, planned, and carried out can prove vital for your trees. Whether this is by result of invading insects, weeds, vertebrates, storm damage or otherwise, you can be sure that we have the means to bring you the results you’re looking for. We are here for the life and health of your trees in all measures, from, proper removal, to ensuring that they are safe from invaders. When you need professional, local experience in pest management, you need to pick up the phone and call into Southbury Tree Care.


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Need Something Other Than Pest Removal in Southbury?

When it comes to the health and safety of your property, having a licensed arborist and tree care company can go a long way. From tree removal to lot and land clearing, our team is fully licensed & equipped to handle a variety of tree services in Southbury. For more information about our extensive service menu, browse our website or give us a call. We love to talk with our potential customers to understand their needs and answer any questions.

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