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How Much Should Tree Trimming in Southbury CT Cost?

July 5, 2020

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Regular tree trimming Southbury CT is an excellent way of ensuring a tree’s overall health, removing decaying branches while ensuring a tree’s lower limbs get plenty of sunlight and fresh air. Tree trimming also lets more sunlight pass through a tree and onto your lawn or patio, for a bright, welcoming environment!

Most basics costs for tree trimming in Southbury CT might start at around $75 and run upwards of $200, depending on the number of branches needing trimming. In some cases, such as trimming a tree after storm damage or to remove several dead and decaying branches, a homeowner might expect to pay around $1000 or more. Whatever the costs, you might note some benefits of regular tree trimming services in Southbury as well as some cautions against managing this work on your own!

Why You Need Regular Tree Trimming in Southbury CT

Before you go another season without needed tree services for a  Southbury CT property, note some advantages of trimming, pruning, and other such tree maintenance work. You can then discuss your concerns and needs with a tree service contractor near you and know that trees on your property are always healthy and thriving and looking their best.

tree removal southbury
  • An overly tall tree with thick branch growth might block sunlight from its lower limbs and trunk, as well as from your lawn and landscaping features. It might even create too much shade over a patio or deck! Trimming or thinning those branches and even pruning or lopping the treetop allows more sunlight to pass through, for a healthier tree and lawn and brighter exterior space.
  • Falling branches risk serious property damage to anything below! Avoid having a heavy branch land on your vehicle, shed, garage, fencing, and home by trimming back or removing dead and decaying branches or those that are overly large and heavy and at risk of falling.
  • Decaying branches are especially prone to breaking off and falling during storms and high winds. While Southbury and surrounding cities aren’t necessarily known for having strong stormy seasons, it only takes one heavy rainfall or gust of wind to see a decaying branch fall or blow onto a home’s roof! Regular tree services in Southbury remove those dangerous branches before they cause damage to your home or property.
  • Branches hanging over a home’s roof also scrape those shingles and tiles, pulling them off their connectors and stripping their protective granules. Branches also drop lots of debris onto a home’s roof and provide a roosting place for birds, whose droppings are caustic and often cause shingle damage. Trimming back those branches protects your roof and helps keep it looking clean as well.
  • Along with roof damage, twigs, leaves, seeds, sap, moss, and other debris falling from branches over a home’s roof also tend to wind up in the gutters, risking clogs and resultant water damage. A leaf guard over the gutters helps keep them clean but consider regular tree trimming as well, for maximum protection.
  • Regular Southbury CT tree trimming keeps branches from knocking down overhead power lines and also prevents them from falling onto a neighbor’s property. Never assume that your homeowner’s insurance will pay for such damages but schedule tree services in Southbury as needed, to keep branches from damaging public or neighboring property as well as your own!

Why Avoid DIY Tree Services in Southbury CT

While there are many advantages to regular pruning and lopping, a homeowner might be tempted to avoid costs for tree services in Southbury CT by trimming trees on their own. This can be a costly and dangerous mistake! One vital reason to leave tree trimming to the pros is that it’s dangerous being on a ladder even without tools; trying to manage a chain saw or any other such sharp tool while on a ladder or a tree branch itself can risk falls and serious if not deadly injuries.

tree trimming southbury

A tree trimming Southbury CT pro will also tell you that tree branches seem to have a mind of their own once pruned! Even if you tie those branches so that you can control the direction in which they fall, they are often heavier than you might realize and might head in a completely unexpected direction. A professional tree trimmer knows the best angles of cuts to help control the weight and direction of branches and how to reduce risk of property damage and injury.

It’s also vital that tree branches get trimmed properly, to avoid “bruising” or damaging them. A professional might cut branches on an angle, as a straight cut can splinter the wood and lead to chips and cracks that don’t allow the branch to grow back as it should. A professional tree service in Southbury CT might also suggest a certain time of year for tree trimming, to avoid exposing freshly cut branches to harsh sunlight, extreme cold, and the like.

If you need complete tree removal in Southbury, you might also consider what you’ll do with that wood once the tree is cut down! Never assume you can put cut wood in your regular household trash or that a tree on your property would make good firewood, as some wood species simply don’t burn very easily. You might also underestimate the work involved in cutting those pieces down to a manageable size.

A tree trimming service in Southbury CT will typically use a wood chipper to make disposal of a tree and a large number of branches much easier. That chipped wood might also be reused rather than disposed of, reducing the amount of fresh wood needed for various projects while also keeping it out of local landfills.

tree trimming southbury

Keep these points in mind if you’re assuming that anyone can manage their own tree trimming in Southbury CT! There are many good reasons to call a professional and leave this work to him or her, as that will ensure the health of your trees and reduce the risk of damage to your property as well.

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