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Determining When You Require Tree Service in Southbury, CT

September 19, 2020

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If you love those beautiful, mature or landscape trees on your property, you never want to put off needed tree service in Southbury, CT! Proper pruning and trimming as well as checks for infestation and signs of rot ensure your tree is always in good condition and thriving over the years.

While it’s good to call an arborist or tree service company in Southbury CT every few years, it’s also vital you call when a tree is struggling to thrive, or shows signs of needed pruning and other treatment. To ensure you keep trees on your property healthy and in good condition, check out some signs that it’s time to call for tree service in Southbury, CT.

1. Leaves & Needles Tell You It’s Time for Tree Service in Southbury CT

A tree’s leaves or needles tell you a lot about its overall health. Leaves that stay brown and dry through the growing season and that refuse to fall off the tree in autumn typically indicate disease or lack of proper hydration. Brown, yellow, or reddish needles also indicate a lack of proper nutrition and a tree potentially dying or suffering infestation.

tree service southbury ct

Bare branches with few leaves or needles also indicate the need for tree service in Southbury, CT. If a tree’s leaves or needles don’t look lush and healthy and especially during summertime growing season, call a tree service or arborist near you.

2. Is your Tree Leaning? Call for Tree Service in Southbury CT!

The state of Connecticut is not known for tornadoes, hurricanes, and other such weather disasters, but even strong windstorms can cause trees to lean suddenly! When this happens, the tree is then putting pressure on the roots and its own base, which can then lead to even more damage. Without proper care, the tree can also eventually collapse outright.

A slight lean might not indicate the need for intervention by a pro, but if your tree is suddenly leaning at more than a 15-degree angle, it’s good to call for tree service in Southbury, CT. A tree expert might check for root damage and then also brace the tree or prune certain branches to reduce weight, and allow the tree to right itself naturally. This will save the tree from collapse and allow it to grow healthy again while also protecting your property from damage as well.

3. Splits and Peeling Bark Mean It’s Time for Tree Service in Southbury

When a tree dries up, suffers disease, or is infested with pests, it might show splits up and down the trunk. Bark also tends to peel away in large strips. A healthy tree has soft bark that provides a protective cover for the tree and is without splits, cracks, and other such damage along its trunk and face.

tree trimming southbury

A property owner might also note the underside of peeling bark. The layer of material behind bark face should be green and soft; if it’s brown, dry, and brittle, this often indicates disease or damage and the need for tree service in Southbury, CT.

4. Call for Tree Service to Remove Dangerous Branches

While trees provide needed shade and visual appeal for any property, some tree branches might get dangerously close to electrical wires, fences, and other exterior structures and features. Branches also drop damaging leaves, twigs, sap, moss, and other debris onto a home’s roof. Those branches also provide a roosting spot for birds; their droppings are caustic and damaging to asphalt shingles and other roofing materials!

Rather than constantly cleaning a home’s roof or risking damage to electrical lines and other features, call a tree service in Southbury, CT, and have them trim dangerous or bothersome branches. Cutting back certain branches shouldn’t harm a tree’s growth and is an excellent choice for protecting a home’s roof and reducing the risk of downed wires, cables, fences, and other outdoor structures.

5. Tree Service in Southbury Can Handles Infestations

Insects, wildlife, and other pests often wreak havoc on trees; termites especially can damage a tree from the inside out, literally eating away at its wood interior. Carpenter ants are also dangerous for trees and can bore holes through the trunk, leading to drying and decay.

If you notice insects making their way around your property’s trees, it’s vital that you call an exterminator or for tree service in Southbury, CT. An arborist can confirm signs of insect or other pest infestation, and note if a tree is salvageable after treatment. Their services protect your tree as well as surrounding structures from damage.

6. Falling Branches? Call for Tree Service in Southbury CT

When a tree dries out, branches tend to get brittle and then fall away from the tree. You might notice small twigs and branches collecting around your yard, under the tree, during an especially dry season or at anytime throughout the year.

tree trimming southbury

Rather than ignoring those branches or assuming this is natural for a tree, it’s good to schedule needed tree service in Southbury, CT. A tree care professional might note if the tree is struggling to thrive and if other branches need pruning. In turn, you can rest assured that the tree is healthy and well-maintained and will also reduce the risk of property damage from those falling branches.

7. Schedule Tree Service in Southbury for Sudden Changes in a Tree’s Condition

If you notice any sudden changes in a tree’s condition or appearance, call for tree service in Southbury, CT! A tree that suddenly struggles to thrive, that leans, that seems brown and brittle, or otherwise looks unhealthy can signal the need for better irrigation on your property, more sunlight, or needed pruning.

It’s especially vital that you call for tree service in Southbury, CT if your trees change appearance after excavation or other major changes to your property. For example, if you’ve recently had fertilizer spread over the lawn, chemicals in those fertilizers might have affected your property’s trees. Excavation can also mean root damage. Don’t assume a tree will simply return to a healthy condition on its own but call a tree service company near you if you notice any sudden changes in a tree’s condition or appearance.

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